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A dolly journey through the web

This hobby would not be possible without the internet, and it would be a lot less fun without pictures, inspiration and a lot of people who put effort and skill into their work.
I follow a lot of blogs, but I don’t have the time to read a lot, and I am not big on commenting. But there are a lot of artists I admire, flickr accounts I frequently check for new pictures. Such a lot of photographic skill, creativity and dexterity that goes into the work shown that it is just fun to enjoy the result.
Some of them are so well known in the BJD-collector’s community that I probably don’t need to mention them.

Doll artists

Besides the well known companies there are doll artists who I think deserve more attention. Some of them have become quite popular, like Amadiz. But there are a lot of people who create beautifully unique dolls.

Natalia Loseva dolls Russian doll artist
Ancient Tales dolls made by Helga Reinhard Russian doll artist who creates unique mature minis
Lyouba dolls French artist
Youpla dolls French artist
Asado for Or-doll Asado’s sculpts are sold by Or-doll
Rosengarden Polish artist who makes super tiny bjd


Blogs I follow

First of all, Blueoxide. She and her work got me hooked. It was her blog that made me realize how much creative potential this hobby offers. She has not posted in a while.

Martha Boers and her site

When I ordered my first Kid dolls her patterns were a great help to sew in advance. And her creative work on the costumes shows such a lot of love and skill, it’s like a bright and sunny colourful miniature world.
And there are some blogging collectors I follow out of interest, curiosity and to “keep in touch”. Apart from the size or the variety in their collections the continuety of the immersion in the resin world is just impressive.

Balljointedwoman and her blog There’s always something new to discover, a new doll, a new storyline, a sewing project.

Musume Desu’s blog What I like most about her blog are the interviews with artists, I’ve often wondered who the people behind the scenes are.

The Russian (A lot of other dolls, too, but her period sewing projects are inspiring.)
Dorote’s art dolls are not BJD, but I love her style.

Yenna’s blogged dimensions. I just love her photographs, there is something about her style that is beautiful and somehow soothing. The light, the nature, the colours – mild, yet dynamic.

Evie, a German face up artist and doll artist. (German)

Some art blogs about miniature making.

Pixiedustminiatures – all kinds of tiny things

Stephanie’s Petitplat – miniature food

Flickr Treasures

I started photography with the doll hobby, and there is so much I still have to learn. I am quite happy I manage to take pictures that are at least not blurry, but they are far from the skills these artists have: Flickr Accounts worth a visit.
Amazing props and arrangements or unique characters or dress making skills, extraordinary wigs or face ups, something about these dolls makes me come back and see more of them.

Julia Cross – Stunning customizations, and some of my favorite Legende de Temps-doll characters

Lydéric et Siiara – I love the forgotten attic-look of their dolls and the overall mood of their pictures

S. Seo – Aetherial and light.

Saiko Weiss – More digital painting than photography

Kasia Nowak – Every picture tells a story. Sometimes quite graphic, but I love the dark atmosphere of her work.

Marple – Great face up work

KingNut – Another great face up artist with surprising ideas

Issey – Freckled, cheeky, street smart and urban, her dolls are instantly recognizable

Dink’s dolls – There’s hardly anyone in the hobby who doesn’t know Dink’s dolls

Tanja’s dresses – The most beautifully embroidered dresses

Studio Amadiz – Custom wigs and extraordinary doll fashion

Looloo’s dolls – Even Looloo’s darker dolls manage to look natural and healthy, I just like her characters.

Kamarza – I like her sense of humor.

MaxMeiselmaus – Great photography, and the art and history reenactments are just something special

And some of my favorite story-tellers

Svetlana – creator of elaborate sets and storylines

The famous christmas set – a photo-story collaboration of a group of artists

There are a lot more, so many skilled artists, gifted dressmakers, builders and photographers that I would love to have more time to see their work. A big thank you to all of you for sharing.


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  1. Thank you for mentioning my blog! This is such an impressive list. Several of my personal favorites are here, along with others that I haven't yet discovered for myself but now plan to do so. Many thanks for the links!

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