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First pictures of Leaf the dryad

This girl is not quite finished yet, I am still working on her costume. She had to make do with an old piece of cloth, but I am so glad I finished her body and face that I had to take some pictures. And it was a lot of work. The head is a mess. Scratchy, uneven resin colour, uneven eye sockets (they are still uneven, the resin is thicker in one, and the eyes look a bit misplaced). I tried to fix what I could, but I didn’t manage to fix the eye issues. She has a weird eye form anyway, but I liked that about her.The head sculpt is a Modoll Mody, I got her from Natrume on Etsy. She is on a popodoll girl body.

Resin match of head, body and jointed hands was not the best, but since I had planned to paint her with extensive ornamental dryad-tattoos, it’s not really noticeable anymore- or so I hope.

Leaf is a dryad, a wild creature of the woods. She can look sweet and harmless, but she’s a fierce fighter, an excellent archer and can climb like a wild cat. She roams the woods, looks after the wild animals and trees. She lives on a huge willow and is spiritually connected to trees, this one especially.


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