Head: Zaoll Ramie | NS

Body: MYou SD girl with modded neck 

Year: 2016

Otherworldly others

Water nymph 

Nimue is a water nymph and lives near a well in the woods. She is very shy and usually hides as soon as anyone finds their way near her stream but she heard Finn and Neala play the guitar and was curious.

Finn and Neala made friends with this little sprite. They visit Nimue from time to time, she can’t stay away from her well for long – she wouldn’t survive without water nearby.

Nimue is a very old creature, and she is the keeper of all streams, ponds and wells in her woods.

She loves music and rain, talking to the fish and other animals and her best friend Leaf, who is a dryad.


NOTE: The Myou body is an ideal color match, but the neck does not fit without sanding.